"We The People" Means All The People

We need to elect leaders who will represent us. All of us. But we can't do that if our elections aren't free, fair, and accessible.

Text "YourVote" to 877-877

to join Brady and Team ENOUGH in breaking down barriers to the ballot box.

No more voter suppression.

No more empty “thoughts and prayers."

It's time to unite and vote out NRA-bought politicians.

As Sarah Brady famously said, “If the lawmakers won’t change the laws, then come November, we must change the lawmakers.” Let's heed this call. Together, we can energize gun safety voters to show our power at the polls. And we can take our country back from the grips of the gun lobby.

If you can, please consider making a donation to our fight to take on the gun lobby. Our goal is to reduce gun deaths 25% by 2025. Thanks to our incredible supporters like you, we know we can do it.