Bloody Hands

Our message to Trump and McConnell is clear: There’s blood on your hands.

Every day that President Trump and Mitch McConnell refuse to support common-sense gun reform, 100 people in America are killed by gun violence and hundreds more are injured.

We’re counting the total gun deaths in America since gun safety legislation landed on Mitch McConnell’s desk in February. Every 14 minutes this counter increases.

It’s been almost a year since the U.S. House of Representatives passed bipartisan gun safety legislation. But McConnell flatly refuses to bring this lifesaving legislation to a vote. We know the pattern: He punts to Trump. And Trump punts back. In the meantime, Americans die.

The 100 people who are killed by guns each day and nearly 40,000 who are killed each year aren’t just statistics. They are children who never come home from school. They are brothers and sisters who never hear each other’s laughter. They are loved ones who will never share another day together. Day after day, hour after hour, our country’s gun violence epidemic is ripping communities apart and instilling fear in our daily lives. Enough is enough.

Most Americans Want Gun Reform

Let’s be clear, Trump and McConnell aren’t representing Americans when they refuse to support common-sense gun safety legislation — legislation that’s proven to save lives. We all know our nation’s gun laws are broken. Poll after poll shows the majority of the public — gun owners and non-gun owners alike, red, blue, and purple — want stronger gun laws.

  • 72% of voters say Congress needs to do more to prevent gun violence.
    That includes 50% of Republicans, 93% of Democrats, and 75% of Independents.
  • 94% of voters favor universal background checks.
    That includes 92% of Republicans, 98% of Democrats, 94% of Independents, and 90% of gun owners.
  • 62% of gun owners and 86% of ALL Americans support instituting a national extreme risk protection (red flag) law.

First, We’ve Got to Change the Rules

We know the game is rigged. If McConnell were to bring gun safety legislation to a vote tomorrow, it would be dead on arrival. That’s because of the Senate's harmful 60-vote rule, which has long been used to block gun reform. But now is not the time to play politics. You only need to pick up a newspaper to know that gun violence is a national emergency. Even kids on a playground know that a simple majority decides! Tell senators: #51IsFair, and we deserve a simple majority vote to pass laws to make our country safe from gun violence!

Then, We Demand a Vote on Lifesaving Legislation

It's simple. McConnell must bring the lifesaving legislation sitting before him to a vote, immediately.

  • Require Background Checks for Every Gun Sale
    Background Check Expansion Act

    Today, one in five guns is sold without a background check, no questions asked. That means every year, thousands of guns fall into the wrong hands. It’s common-sense to expand background checks to every gun sale, including those conducted online, at gun shows, and through private transfers
  • Implement Extreme Risk Laws
    Extreme Risk Protection Order Act of 2019

    Extreme risk laws, also known as extreme risk protection orders (ERPOs), prevent a person in crisis from harming themselves or others by temporarily removing guns and prohibiting the purchase of firearms. Extreme risk laws empower members of the community to prevent gun violence without threatening an individual’s Second Amendment rights.
  • Ban Assault Weapons
    Assault weapons are the weapon of choice for mass shooters. They're uniquely lethal, allowing the most murders in the shortest amount of time. In shootings where assault weapons or high-capacity magazines are used, 155 percent more people are shot, and 47 percent more people are killed. These weapons of war have no place in civilian hands.
  • Close the “Charleston Loophole”
    Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2019
    The deadly “Charleston loophole” allows gun sales to be completed after three business days — even if a background check hasn't been completed. This loophole is what allowed a white supremacist, who was prohibited from purchasing guns, to buy the gun he used to murder nine people at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC.