Which Senators Have Taken the Most NRA Money?

The majority of Americans support stronger gun laws — laws that would reduce deaths. But during the first half of 2019 alone, the NRA spent $1.6 million lobbying Congress against passing gun safety legislation. Even after a summer filled with back-to-back mass shootings, these senators refuse to support common-sense gun reform, like expanding background checks or banning assault weapons.

Our chart lists the 50 senators who have taken the most money from the NRA, along with the average number of gun deaths per year in their state. Mitch McConnell comes in at #18, having received more than $1.2 million in campaign contributions over his career. Tweet a senator to let them know that if they don't start representing voters instead of the gun lobby, then we will vote them out.

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Senator NRA Donations Gun Deaths in State
(per year)
Mitt Romney (UT) 365
Richard Burr (NC) 1,311
Roy Blunt (MO) 1,074
Thom Tillis (NC) 1,311
Cory Gardner (CO) 715
Marco Rubio (FL) 2,568
Joni Ernst (IA) 264
Rob Portman (OH) 1,402
Todd C. Young (IN) 907
Bill Cassidy (LA) 946
David Perdue (GA) 1,459
Tom Cotton (AR) 534
Pat Roberts (KS) 368
Pat Toomey (PA) 1,503
Josh Hawley (MO) 1,074
Marsha Blackburn (TN) 1,103
Ronald Harold "Ron" Johnson (WI) 592
Mitch McConnell (KY) 690
Mike Braun (IN) 907
John Thune (SD) 95
Shelley Moore Capito (WV) 305
Martha McSally (AZ) 1,013
Richard Shelby (AL) 961
Chuck Grassley (IA) 264
John Neely Kennedy (LA) 946
Ted Cruz (TX) 3,139
Lisa Murkowski (AK) 165
Johnny Isakson (GA) 1,459
Steve Daines (MT) 197
Cindy Hyde-Smith (MS) 576
Roger Wicker (MS) 576
Rand Paul (KY) 690
Mike Rounds (SD) 95
John Boozman (AR) 534
John Cornyn (TX) 3,139
Ben Sasse (NE) 169
Jim Inhofe (OK) 679
Lindsey Graham (SC) 829
Mike Crapo (ID) 242
Jerry Moran (KS) 368
John Barrasso (WY) 104
Lamar Alexander (TN) 1,103
Mike Enzi (WY) 104
John Hoeven (ND) 93
Susan Collins (ME) 146
Deb Fischer (NE) 169
James Lankford (OK) 679
Jim Risch (ID) 242
Tim Scott (SC) 829
Kevin Cramer (ND) 93